The Mount's Bass Lake vacation rental lies in the Pines neighborhood of Bass Lake, CA. It is within walking distance of the lake shore, the Pines downtown, and backwoods trails. View Larger Map

Driving Directions to Cabin:

From Northern/Central California From Southern California

Approximate driving times:

  1. Cabin to Oakhurst 12 min.
  2. Cabin to Yosemite Valley 60 min.
  3. Cabin to Mariposa 50 min.
  4. Cabin to Badger Pass 70 min.
  5. Cabin to Fresno 55 min.
  6. Cabin to Sierra Summit 80 min.
  7. Cabin to Chukchansi Casino 30 min.
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39449 Crane Valley Court, Bass Lake, California 93604

Vacation Rental Reservations call 805.434.1811